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Affiliated Research Labs

NRF is collaborating with affiliated research labs to develop core technical competency in the following areas:

Nanofabrication - making the "small" things

The Biswas Lab (EECE) has developed the flame aerosol reactor to mass-produce oxide nanostructures with controlled sizes and morphologies. » More

The Axelbaum Lab (EECE) studies combustion phenomena, ranging from oxy-coal combustion to flame synthesis of nanotubes. » More

Nanotoxicity - addressing the safety issue


The Tang Lab (EECE) studies the effects of nanoparticles – sizes, shapes, surface charges, compositions – on bacteria physiology. » More

The Jun Lab (EECE) works on environmental nanochemistry by studying the nucleation and/or aggregation mechanisms of environmental as well as engineered nanoparticles. » More

Nanomedicine - Putting nanotech at work for biomedical research

The Wang Lab (BME) has pioneered photoacoustic microscopy – a novel imaging modality for early-cancer detection. » More

The Bayly Lab (MASE) has developed a novel strategy to visualize and quantify strain fields within the brain and spinal cord during skull acceleration, and to relate strain levels to cell death and injury. » More

The Nehorai and Yang Labs (ESE) are developing ultra-sensitive, label-free biosensors collaboratively. A simple, inexpensive, accurate, ultra-sensitive and label-free chemical and biological sensing device is of great importance to biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical applications. » More