Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science


The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) started in March 2004 with the mission of enabling rapid advancements in science, engineering and technology at the nanoscale by efficient access to nanotechnology infrastructure. The approach has been to create an infrastructure of open, shared facilities distributed throughout the country, a staff dedicated to training and sharing of knowledge, a collection of advanced instrumentation for hands-on use available day and night, an ability to perform experiments at limits of present technical capabilities, access to complex integrated processing, a focus on making new techniques and tools by leveraging local university strengths, and a responsive incorporation of scientific developments and productivity. With an open culture as the foundation, NNIN sites are committed to the Network Principles described as follows:

  • Open and equal access to all projects independent of origin.
  • Single-minded commitment to service of external users.
  • Commitment to comprehensive training and staff support.
  • Commitment to support interdisciplinary research and emerging areas.
  • Commitment to deepening social and ethical consciousness.
  • Facility control, not individual faculty ownership, of instruments and resources.
  • Openness to new materials, techniques, processes and applications.
  • Commitment to maintain high equipment uptime and availability and tool acquisition.
  • Facility governance independent of interference from other local organizations.
  • Commitment to no intellectual property barriers.

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