Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science

1st Symposium on Nanotechnology for Public Health, Environment, and Energy

We cordially invite you to attend the inaugural nanotechnology symposium at Washington University in St. Louis and celebrate the opening of the Nano Research Facility – the newest site of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network supported by NSF.  Chancellor Mark Wrighton will present opening remarks.  Professor George M. Whitesides from Harvard University will deliver the keynote address on the future of nanotechnology.
We will host the two-day event in Whitaker Hall on the Danforth Campus on September 24-25, 2009.  The first 150 people to register will receive free registration.

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Special Guests:

Mark S. Wrighton
Washington University
in St. Louis
George M. Whitesides
Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor
Harvard University
Thomas F. George
University of Missouri
St. Louis
Lawrence S. Goldberg
Senior Engineering Advisor
National Science Foundation
Washington U. Alumni


Invited Speakers:

Sandip Tiwari -- Director, National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, Cornell University

David Pui -- Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota

Gunter Oberdorster -- Professor of Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester

Saber Hussain -- Group Leader, Biological Interaction of Nanomaterials, Air Force Research Laboratory

Michael Welch -- Associate Director of Oncologic Imaging, Professor of Radiology, Washington University

Gary Wiederrecht -- Chemist and Group Leader, Argonne National Lab

Larry Nagahara -- Nanotechnology Projects Manager, National Cancer Institute

Cindy Buhse -- Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Technical Sessions:

Nanomaterials Synthesis and Instrumentation

Nanotoxicity and Public Health

Nanotech and Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)

Nanomaterials for Biomedicine

Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment

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